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"Incredible fast blues licks & devastating growl."

“Bursting with energy from the get go…a refreshingly raw take on Blues & Roots…like Newton Faulkner after too much Red Bull!” Rave Magazine

Watts is a soulful grass-roots rocker and troubadour with a uniquely raw sound and a passion for performing live. 
A one of a kind gentleman of the road and a journeyman through and through.

Fixated on pushing the boundaries of his craft and forever evolving his sound, he has grown to be one of Australia’s most unique and memorable entertainers.
Watts is intense and at home on the boards; delivering performances with great furious energy, tremendous heart, and heaps of spontaneity.
His guitar playing style is a furious assault on the beaten and bloodied bodies of his acoustics, slides and electrics.

Gravely, smoke filled vocals and roaring harmonicas only add insult to their injuries.

“Jimmy’s impressive guitar skills and growling vocal style hit you like a brick in the face – a monster hybrid of Xavier Rudd, Tow Waits and Ash Grunwald.” themusic.com